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Thanks for checking out this blog and website dedicated to helping father’s with daughters do it better. My name is Alan Smyth and I have 28 years of experience in raising a daughter. Beyond my own personal experience as a dad, I worked on the Young Life staff for 25 years which means I have had a front row seat to the lives of adolescent girls (and boys). I have seen up close their issues and the sometimes sad consequences to their life choices.

Alan and his daughter Brittany

This blog will be a collaborative effort focused on the audience of dad’s with daughters as well as youth workers who want to better understand the environment our girls are growing up in.  We will provide some awesome strategies, ideas and resources on how to love our girls well and navigate the tumultuous culture they are growing up in.  You can expect a post from me every Monday morning which will give you food for thought throughout the week. You can also expect a post from Kristy Fox every Wednesday. Kristy is a 20 year Young Life staff veteran who is in direct contact with hundreds of girls. She will bring a unique front row seat perspective on what she is hearing and learning about what girls need most in a dad as well as the unique pressures they are facing every day. Every Friday we will hear from Dr. Don Worcester, Ph.D. marriage and family counseling. Don will write from his professional perspective on what our girls need and what our society is doing to them

I invite you to subscribe to this blog via your e-mail address so that you can be sure to never miss an important post on this important topic. Our book, Prized Possession, took 28 years to write (my daughter is 28) and is the culmination of lots of experiences on the topic from lots of different people. The book is available NOW and can be purchased from the home page of this website.

I have been married to Sharon Smyth for 32 years and we have two awesome kids. Our son Trevor (24) studied and played football at the United States Naval Academy. “Go NAVY, Beat ARMY!” And is now finishing up at Azusa Pacific. Our daughter Brittany is 28 years old, a graduate from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego and is now out in the work force selling luxury suites for AEG at the Staples Center. She also spent time serving on the South Central Los Angeles Young Life committee where she helped from behind the scenes to reach inner city, at risk kids.

I am a graduate of San Jose State University with a Communication Studies / Business degree. I enjoyed my 25 years on the Young Life staff, a non-denominational Christian outreach where I formerly served as the Regional Director for the Greater Los Angeles region. I love sports, my family, friends and giving my life to something a lot bigger than myself.

(Left to right) Sharon, Alan, Brittany, and Trevor


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  1. Hi Alan!

    I think it is so awesome that you are writing a blog about fathers and daughters. I am signing Kevin up to receive your updates as well. We obviously love the gift we have in Kylie, and this is great timing with her starting Middle School. Hope all is well with the Smyth family : )


  2. I love this:)

  3. Passing this along to lots of dads I know. Keep it up Alan! Love your vision.

  4. Hey there.

    I came to see this blog after I saw a picture of your “10 rules” shirt (which I would love to buy if it was in my mother language). I can not be more concerned by your topic as I raise two little mermaids (3 y.o. and 3 month old) so I will study every part of it.

    I’m french, and I think I’ll spread the word about your work and book, as long as my interlocutors are english speakers/readers.

  5. I love that t shirt I got to have one. Morgan from Sweden

  6. Yes, we will get yours in the mail today. Please e-mail
    Sharon@myfatherdaughter.com and request a status check.

  7. Thanks for taking the time and resources to manage this blog. It is greatly appreciated by myself and countless others. I tell almost every father I know about this site and encourage them to sign up to receive updates.

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