Famous Dads Write letters to their Daughters

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Famous Dads Write letters to their Daughters….

Time magazine asked dads to write letters to their daughters this Father’s Day.    They published some samples (like the one below) in the recent magazine (Vol 183, No 24 / 2014 p. 20) and you can find a complete posting online at http://time.com/letters-from-dad/

They are worth reading!   What a great and very simple idea and perhaps could be a fun tradition for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Holidays or an occasion to give you an excuse to put your thoughts into words.

I will guarantee you this …… those girls are saving these letters in a special place.

Dads- your kids value your words….. A LOT!   Don’t assume your kids know how you feel about them.

Excerpt from Carson Day below to his daughter Etta:


Dear Etta Spaghetta,

After raising a son for three years, I was terrified of having a daughter. Then you were born, and I’ve watched you grow into a nearly two-year-old toddler… and I’m still terrified! At such a young age, I can already tell that you will have no problem figuring out what it is you want from this life and making sure you get it. While for now that means I say “NO Etta” multiple times a day, I know as you get older those words will translate into cheers of praise from your proud Pops. And even though your strong, ferocious spirit will send you soaring, I will always be here to catch you if you fall. So here is some advice from your old man: be honest, be kind, strive for a life of balance and it’s okay if you get a tattoo WHERE I CAN SEE IT.

With love,
Your terrified (but not-too-terrified so stay away boys) dad.

Daly is host and producer of NBC’s hit series ‘The Voice,’ returning this fall for a seventh season, and co-host of NBC’s TODAY show. He also hosts a morning radio program on 97.1 AMP FM.


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