Fast and Furious

Dr. Don Worcester —  July 31, 2014 — Leave a comment

Fast and Furious is a popular and profitable Movie Franchise, a Video Game phenomenon and a pretty decent description of the cultural climate we are often called to navigate with our lives and families.

There is a blessing and a burden living in a high speed world, the opportunities, the implications, the benefits and the risk are all being created and discovered on a daily basis. What is true in technology is also true in life; fast things tend to get faster. At some point in this process, fast things become furious and furious things becomes normal.



I am pretty sure that as dads we do not have the ability to slow down the world, but I do believe within our families we have the responsibility to set the pace, tone and quality of our life and relationships. One of the stubborn myths in our modern culture is that we can all “Multi-task” with great efficiency and effectiveness.  

This gives us permission to, Talk  & Text, Text & Drive, Watch & Listen and all other combinations of activities involving screens and devices that require some degree of attention and focus.  The best brain science suggest that we pay a high price when we divide and subdivide our attention over these activities. We are becoming Habitually Distracted and partially focused throughout large chunks of our day, we end up missing more than we know as we drift by one another in a haze of conversations, commitments and activities.


So let me ask you; Do you have any Rules of Engagement for the Screens and devices in your house?

Are there any ” Screen Free” times, zones or activities in your home?

How many screens are allowed on at the same time?

Do you take “Screen Holidays” as a family?

Over time we can become dependent on the “Next” thing, whether it is  Candy Crush, Snap Chat, Facebook or Netflix. Taking a break from our screens, is sometimes the best “Next” thing to do.



It may feel “un-normal” to unplug, disconnect, sign off and step out of the 4G world that buzzes in and around our lives. Our daughters live in a world flooded with Social Media, Apps, Games, Gadgets and Selfies. They may become so busy with so many things that they lose a sense of margin in their lives. Today more than ever, it is a gift to be fully present for a meal, a conversation, an event or a relationship. Let’s create some space and time this week that helps us be All In and All Present with our daughters and our families.


Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester







Dr. Don Worcester


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