“You’re on Loan”

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We had lots of comments on this blog, so I wanted to repost! This is worth reading and passing along…


A friend of mine, Kara Kawanami, sent me the below email a couple of weeks ago. It is definitely worth passing along and her words are powerful and a clear picture of the impact a dad can have on their daughter. It’s a great story of a healthy young woman and the role her father plays in her life still today. – Kristy Fox


photo by Joe Castillo

I was married a couple of weeks ago. The day was really special in many many ways. But today I want to share just one of the great stories from that day. One of the memorable parts of the day was walking down the aisle with my dad. A flood of memories came back to me. I’ve been blessed to have a special and close relationship with my dad. He’s always looked out for me, especially when it came to boys. I remember how he always used to announce that I was not able to date until I was 40 when I was a little girl. I remember being in junior high and wanting to talk with boys on the phone, so my dad set up a “call clipboard” by the phone in which every time a boy called, he would write down the time and then would allow me 30 minutes a day. When the time limit was up, then he’d come and take the phone from me (which completely horrified me at the age of 13). He used to check my outfits before I left the house and wouldn’t let me leave if my shorts were shorter than the length of my arms (I totally hated him for this). In high school, when I went to dance with guys (thankfully I was not popular so this only happened 3 times), my dad would meet the guy and discuss with him how I was so valuable and needed to be treated with respect (this embarrassed me to death). When I brought Keith home with me for the first time, my dad made Keith install crown molding in the laundry room. My dad refers to this weekend as “male bonding” and “a time to determine if Keith was good with tools” but I refer to it as “boyfriend hazing weekend.”


Through all of this, my dad has always told me “I’m your earthly father. Your Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to be your father here on earth. You’re on loan to me from Him. And I need to take the best care of you as I possibly can.” Even though I have been completely embarrassed and horrified at my dad for his actions (especially those outlined in the above paragraph), I have never doubted my dad’s care and love for me. And because my dad showed me such a great example of a loving father, I’ve never had any trouble believing that God possesses those same characteristics and loves me unconditionally.

Kara Kawanami


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