22 Ways You Can Bless Your Daughter

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I sat with a young father recently and heard him say ….”I know my daughters won’t listen to me and don’t want to hear what I have to say”.  I won’t lie – I may have scared him a bit as I answered back all too quickly “NO – that’s totally not true”!

I continued to talk with him about the importance of his role as a dad in the lives of his girls and how much they actually DO care what he says.   The idea that he sets the tone for their future expectations, relationships, and view of themselves.

You are incredibly important in the lives of your daughters and even if you have limited time with your daughters or do not see them as much as you may like – there are ways you can start encouraging and building into the lives of the girls in your life right now.

Where do I start you may ask….

Here are 22 ways you can bless your daughter right now!

  • Take your daughter to coffee before school
  • Bring both her and your wife flowers home from work
  • Stick a note in her backpack saying you’re thinking of her
  • Send her a text message after school
  • Tell your daughter what you love about her as you say goodnight
  • Pray with your daughter at night or before school
  • Ask your daughter to help you do something where you get to teach her a skill at the same time (something in the yard, checking the oil in your car, etc)
  • Speak kindly to women in your home
  • Say thank you for little things you see
  • Give her a hug
  • Keep trying!
  • Compliment her
  • Write your daughter a letter (see website for example)
  • Ask your daughter out on a date (small or big)
  • Watch one of your daughters TV shows… WITH her
  • Take your daughter out of school for lunch
  • Stop asking so many “yes” or “no” questions. Ask open ended ones.
  • Ask another dad what the best thing he has done with his daughter was. Then steal it.
  • Ask your daughter what is fun for HER… then do it!
  • Tell your daughter you are sorry for something
  • Say “I love you” to your daughter
  • Set a date & theme for a trip with your daughter


Kristy Fox


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