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Dr. Don Worcester —  April 18, 2014 — Leave a comment

Fast food has become a regular and permanent feature in our dietary

landscape. We don’t pull into these drive throughs because the food is

super healthy, super affordable or even super good. So why do we pull



Companies that sell fast food are making a certain market place bet on

the condition of their customers. Their bets have paid off big time

for their shareholders. Here is the bet:


people are stressed, offer them comfort,

people are busy, make it fast,

people are mobile, make it convenient.


The actual quality, health and cost of the food is

less important than it’s Core feature, it is

Comforting, Fast and Convenient. It has been a pretty good bet for

these companies and a not so great deal for many customers.


The Fast Food Model however extends well beyond our eating habits. Our

Communication Diet has also formed around this Trinity of consumer

appetites; if you make it Comforting, Fast and Convenient, people will

pay up and fill up on regular binges of Fast Food Communication.

Twitter made the same bet as McDonald’s, and today there are billions

of Tweets and billions of burgers in our Fast Food and Fast

Communication Diets.



The way we eat and the way we communicate also spills into our relationships.

Some company’s sell more than burgers and Tweets, they sell a whole Lifestyle.

They sell a picture of Ideal Relationships. These relationships are

often Fast Food Relationships.

They are typically not Quality relationships,

Not relationships of great value or health.

Not even particularly good relationships. They are however Comforting,

Fast and Convenient.



Dads need to offer their daughters more than Fast Food meals,

Fast Food communication and Fast Food relationships.


Families that eat meals at home together do better on almost every

measure of health and happiness. Work hard to make this a priority.


Go for face time not fast time with your daughter. Take her to Home

Depot next time you go to get Sprinkler Heads, grab an Ice Cream or a snack

on the way home. This is Old School Face Time, your face in front of her face, take the time to do it.



Great relationships are often inconvenient. Don’t do things because

they are easy to do, do them because they are worth doing.


Let’s help our daughter’s be hungry for the best kind of food, the

best kind of communication and the best kind of relationships.


The best things in life and relationships are always expensive, and they are always worth it.


Grace & Peace

Dr. Don Worcester

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Dr. Don Worcester


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