A Big Dad and a Little Warrior

Dr. Don Worcester —  August 12, 2015 — 11 Comments


Jason is a big Man. He is a Samoan who played College and Professional Football. If he was in your Security Detail, you would feel very safe. He knows how to do Hard things. He knows how to do painful things. He knows how to stay at his post, go the distance and protect the people he loves.


Jason is as tender as he is tough. He gives, serves and leads with a gentleness that makes the most vulnerable feel safe in his presence. He is generous in spirit, humble in heart and warm and welcoming in his demeanor. He is a good man, a good friend, a good husband and a good father.



Jason’s four-year-old son, Justus is currently in the ICU at a Children’s Hospital in Portland. He has been diagnosed with viral encephalitis that has caused a swelling of his brain along with seizure activities. In spite of the excellent care Justus is receiving from his Medical Team, the battle for his life and recovery continue.

Jason has been on On Duty and at his Post every day since this battle began. If you were on site at the Children’s Hospital you would see a mountain of a man who begins and ends his day at the foot of his son’s bed, neither one able to speak, both fighting a battle that they cannot lose but they have not yet won.

You would see a strong and courageous man on his knees, with a bowed head and a desperate heart pleading as an Earthly Father to his Heavenly Father. Some struggles are so personal, so deep and so important that they call us into dark places where we wrestle alone with God.



Justus is small and young and he is facing a powerful foe,

but he comes from a long line of mighty Samoan’s and like his father he is a warrior.


When Justus learned the Alphabet he memorized a Bible verse for each letter.

Twenty-Six Verses of Truth, Grace, Hope and Love are layered into his mind, his heart and his spirit.

This little boy is fighting a big battle, but he is not fighting alone.



You are invited to prayer and to ask others to pray.

More information is available on

Facebook at “praying for Justus”, #Team Justus,

caringbridge.org/ Justus Nikolao.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. don worcester.


Dr. Don Worcester


11 responses to A Big Dad and a Little Warrior

  1. Jason is the best dad ever and Justus is a sweet young man. Continuing to pray for healing.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful writing. This story has gripped thousands of strangers and brought them together to pray for a miracle and an amazing little boy.

  3. Praying for Justus. My heart aches. But I know god is in control. All we can do is pray and have faith, Hebrews 11:1 and trust and believe God for a miracle. Cry out to him, and trust that his will, will be done. Such a beautiful boy and family. I’m praying, people from my church are praying. Don’t stop praying.

  4. You painted such a beautiful picture of a father on his knees for his son. Thank you for writing this!

  5. Taisalina Punipuao Nikolao Tonumalepea August 13, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article on Jason and his son Justus…Please continue praying for him and his family…God is Good..All the time….

  6. God’s love , mercy and grace with faith in our prayer can become a powerful thing. PRAYING for Justus and your whole family. Much Love to all of you. Stay strong and believe in God..he is the only remedy!

  7. We are on our knees, but we are looking up and we are praying Big Prayers to an even Bigger God.
    Thanks for standing with this family.

  8. We have been praying with you since the beginning! This may look very bad from an earthly standpoint but thankfully, we serve a God who is not limited by what we see! If He could raise Lazarus I know that He can still heal Justus!!!

  9. Beautifully bitter sweet. 14 days and counting with a lump in my throat and pain in my heart.

  10. Prayers for baby Justus and especially his family. Le Alii pa’i ou aao alofa mo le atalii ma ia maua se faamalologa mai lau Afio. AMENE

  11. Prayers for the family

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