A Good Father

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I have a high school friend Sydney who shared a beautiful story this Monday night about her father, his love for her, and his faith that has helped shaped her life.   Sydney’s dad had a long, hard battle with cancer and he went to be with the Lord just 2 weeks ago.   In the midst of it all Sydney and her family have been beautiful examples of trust, hope and faith in the midst of the pain in life.   This 18 year old young woman got up in front of a group of her peers this past Monday and I was so impressed by what she shared that I asked if I could share her story with others.   She agreed 🙂

I have heard Sydney talk of her love for her father before and she has shared with me about their special times spent together, the goofy things her father did around her and her friends, dates with her dad, her knowledge that her daddy adores her, and the love that her dad has for Jesus.   Sydney has looked to her father Clif over the years with admiration, respect, fondness, joy, and great love.

This past Monday night Sydney shared much of this and more with her peers.   While she was sharing I thought “wow – it would be every dad’s dream to hear their daughter talk like this of them– Sydney’s dad Clif has made an indelible imprint on her life, heart, and faith.”

Clif showed his daughter how to laugh, how to fight hard for something, how to be silly, how to pursue dreams, how to be herself, how to love others, and how to have hope and believe that God is Good even when life is not.   Sydney talked of her dad’s role in all of these things in her life.   It reminds me that others, especially our kids, watch us closely to know what these things look like. She told a couple of stories that powerfully told of her father’s pursuit of and trust in the Lord up until his last breath. She spoke with pride about the way that hospital staff saw her father’s faith in God and staff ­­whose lives are different because of him.   She shared of the power of watching her father claim the Goodness of God and the hope, trust and strength that he was able to pass along to others because of his faithfulness.

Thank you to Sydney who shared about her life and her love for God, her knowledge that God is trustworthy and can be our strength, and for her daddy and the imprint that he will forever have on her life.

A good dad can leave a big mark!   A good dad can change the trajectory of the life of their kids!   A good dad can show their kids and others what God the Father looks like!   A good dad can help reflect the Good God we have!

A good father can show us what the Perfect Father is like.

Thank you Clif for being a good father! Thank you for modeling to your daughter what a good man looks like, what a good husband looks like, what following God in good times and in hard times looks like, what faith in action looks like, and what real hope and trust look like.

I will close with Sydney’s own closing remarks to her friends when talking of the God her father showed her “If you don’t know God, you need to get to know Him – get to know Him – He’s for real!”



Kristy Fox



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