A Good Dad

Dr. Don Worcester —  December 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

I was blessed to marry a woman raised by great parents. Her dad has now retired from a few things in his life, but never from being a loving father to his little girl. The words that follow are from Renee about her life and her dad.


God is a loving father. 

I think this is a truth that the enemy tries to attack in our little girl’s heart.  We are born into families that have brokenness and sin.  We are given fathers and mothers that are giving it their best shot, at least most of them.  But even on our best day, we fall short, we get it wrong, we miss it. 

And the Lord is still a loving Father. 

I know that having a dad who loved me and saw the best version of me, gave me a confidence that I could walk into a room and make a contribution.  He also told me that  “it would be better in the morning” and most the time it was. He looked hard at the young men who pursued me, he eventually learned their names if they showed a little courage and staying power. He told me that I was capable and gifted.  He told me the truth when I was making poor decisions. He reminded me not to sweat the small stuff. Then he reminded me that it was “all small stuff “. On my wedding day he told me that I was beautiful, before I put the dress on.

 I had a father that kept showing up at every stage. He nudged me, reminded me, cheered me, consoled me, and pointed me to a bigger and better life not yet fully visible to me. He gave me an amazing picture of God the Father.  He is a good man not a perfect man and he has continued to show up as a dad in my adult life. There was a significant event that came years after I left my parents home. It was an unexpected and unscripted exchange that neither of us planned but both of us needed.

See, I had secrets that my dad didn’t know.  In my adult life, I came to realize that I needed and wanted to confess this hidden brokenness and sin to my father.  And in a fragile moment I sat across the table in a restaurant and asked if there was any way he could forgive me? I had believed a lie that there was no way I could be forgiven.  As our eyes were filled to the brim with tears, time stood still for just a moment.  Then he said he forgave me.  And then he did the unexpected, he asked for forgiveness  from me, for not protecting me.  And I forgave him. 

Because he had been forgiven by Christ, he took on the posture of serving me.  Because he was still my father, he took on the posture of loving me.   I received a tremendous gift that day.  I was reconciled to the truth that God is a loving father.  I am thankful for my earthly father. He continues to paint a picture that points beyond himself to the true source of love, grace, mercy and truth. My dad is a good guy; I want him around for a long time to come. Great relationships don’t expire or wear out. They grow, change and develop. Keep loving your “little girl” it will always matter.



No matter the stage or the age of our daughters, lets keep showing up!


Dr. Don Worcester

Grace and Peace

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Dr. Don Worcester


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