A Huge Week!

Alan Smyth —  June 24, 2013 — 4 Comments

This past week was a huge week in the life of this little project. There were two significant things that happened to highlight the important conversation this blog is focused on. Kristy Fox, Don Worcester and I have each been writing a weekly blog designed to empower Dad’s and inspire them to be better. It has been a labor of love for us. In fact, I got this text today from someone following the blog. “The blog has been great. I read every one and it has changed my relationship with my daughter.” How awesome to hear that!?

Significant Event #1

I was invited onto the set of the K-Cal 9 / CBS news and was interviewed about the book that we just released. I was super impressed and excited that the CBS news felt the topic of Dads raising their daughters important enough to put on the air. If you would care to watch the 41/2 minute interview, it is posted on our home page, upper right hand corner, of www.Myfatherdaughter.com



Significant Event #2

The second and crazier thing that happened was that the picture below of the back of our “Rules for Dating my Daughter” shirt literally went viral on the internet. It was the most surreal event of my life. We were bombarded with e-mails Monday through Wednesday from all around the world asking about the shirt. The picture below is one of the pictures that went viral. On the lower right corner, notice the number of “likes” it received on facebook.



Yep, that is over 608,000 “likes” and over 16,000 “comments.” This was only one of the threads of this picture that circled the globe. We were actually “trending” on facebook on Tuesday and had 50,000 visitors to the blog site that day. I was hearing from people around the world who were expressing interest in this picture. It was pure craziness.

The thing that got me most excited about all this was that it became obvious just how many people were interested in the topic of Dads engaging with daughters. It started with CBS inviting me onto their set to discuss adolescent girls and how a Dad can love them more effectively.



It ended with Sharon (my wife) and three friends packing up shirts to send them to interested Dad’s all around the globe. My prayer is that the millions of people who touched our project this week will somehow be inspired to engage better with their daughters. It is my prayer that the new followers on facebook, our blog and those who will soon be wearing our shirt will be challenged to be more available to their daughter and see their relationship change!

Let’s see what happens this week!

Alan Smyth


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I have been married to Sharon for 35 years. We have two kids, Brittany (31) and Trevor (26) I am the Executive Director for Saving Innocence. I have a passion for my family and have learned a few things along the way.

4 responses to A Huge Week!

  1. Hi, go to http://www.myfatherdaughter.com “shop the MFD store”
    All info is there

  2. Alan, my son (45) utterly LOVED the rules t-shirt! My granddaughter is 14 , his daughter
    Races pure stick cars in Corpus Christi, TX.
    Her colors are purple and lime green. Is there anyway to get 2 of these shirts in those colors for her Dad to wear at the track?? Size 3xl?? He loved it and I love if!!!
    Thank you!!!

    • Sherry
      That would be so awesome. I wish I could custom make colors and designs. We are currently buried with orders. I would love to send him a 3x of what we have in stock. Sorry, but can’t special order colors at this time.


  3. Hi, go to the right side of http://www.myfatherdaughter.com. There is a button that says “shop the MFD store” that takes you to our store where you can get the shirt. Also, we do not have grand parent shirts at this time. Maybe later!

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