A One Minute, $2 Item for Your “Daddy To Do List”

kristyfox —  June 12, 2013 — 2 Comments

If you are a guy, you probably like lists.

If you are a guy who wants to be a good dad, you probably want a list for that too.

to do list


Being a great dad won’t just come from checking off a list of things on a “daddy to do list”.  There are no ways to quantify the important things like consistency, love, grace, sacrifice and attention.  However, there are some suggestions that would be great for a  “daddy to do list”  that may add a little extra something!  This one will take less than one minute and just over $2… seriously!

Our girls are constantly being bombarded with things they see and hear around them that feeds this idea they are not enough and that they are valued for their bodies.   Check out the magazines at eye-level at the check out stands.   Watch a few tv shows geared towards teens and young adults.  Turn on a popular radio station and listen carefully to some of the lyrics of the “clean and edited” songs you hear.   We need to find some ways to help our girls combat this stuff coming at them.

Let’s remind girls that they are created beautifully by Him – they are valuable because the God of the universe says so!  No matter what they may feel about themselves or even what others may have told them – God thinks they are valuable and they are loved, accepted and wanted by the God of the universe!  How cool is that when earthly fathers can try and live this out and thereby echo the voice of God in the ears of their daughter.

Here’s a simple way to do something that will help your daughter remember this….

Download the following 2 songs from I-tunes and put them on your daughter’s phone, I-pod, computer, etc,…. or your phone if your daughter doesn’t have one……

Britt Nicole “Gold” (newly recommending)

Carly Escoto – “You’re Mine” (partial lyrics below – recommended before)


“And I know that you don’t think it’s true

That I see so much beauty in you

But I’ll fight for you darling, believe

That there’s no one who loves you like me

You’re mine

You’re my masterpiece

You’re mine

You’re a part of me

You’re mine

I made your heart, it’s my fine art”


Thanks for engaging!

Kristy Fox

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2 responses to A One Minute, $2 Item for Your “Daddy To Do List”

  1. My girls already LOVE Brit Nicole, and several other female Christian artists as well as other pop and hard rock Christian artists. I already monitor what they watch and listen to when they are home. My girls are my world(as well as my son). I can’t imagine life without them.

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