A Plea

Dr. Don Worcester —  December 14, 2012 — Leave a comment



“Can your Jesus help my daughter?”

The plea came from a desperate dad sitting in front of me.  He had been in my office for less than thirty seconds.  Every part of him was leaning forward and reaching for a small piece of hope or help.  This was a man on a mission.  His daughter was struggling with an Eating Disorder.  Her health was in serious decline and none of the previous treatments or interventions had been able to bring her relief.

He was well educated, a successful businessman, a devout Muslim.  Today in my office, however, he was just one thing – a desperate dad with a dying daughter.  He saw a picture of my oldest daughter sitting on the desk beside us.  He grasped my hands in his own “You are a father.  You know.  Please will you pray to your Jesus to help my daughter?”


A father with a sick daughter does not need to be taught or reminded to pray.  He cannot not pray.


I prayed to my Jesus.  I prayed for his daughter who was tightly bound up in the tentacles of her Eating Disorder. I prayed to my Jesus for this dad whose heart was breaking as this illness ravaged his daughter.  I prayed to my Jesus who loves all people, at all times and in all places.

In the weeks following, I prayed often with this dad.  He was not only asking me to pray, he was teaching me to pray.  We prayed together to “my Jesus” for the restoration of his daughter.  This was a dad who had a deep love for his daughter and a deep pain over her condition.  The love and the pain worked together to bring him to his knees before Jesus.


Good things tend to happen when we are on our knees before Jesus.

This dad saw his daughter restored and his own heart opened to the love of Jesus.



Can we get on our knees before the pain of crisis causes our knees to buckle?



Grab another Dad.  Grab your smartphone or calendar.  Get together.  Pray to your Jesus for our daughters.


Dr. Don Worcester

Dr. Don Worcester


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