A Practice with a Promise

Dr. Don Worcester —  February 20, 2015 — 3 Comments

In John Chapter 13, we find Jesus with his Disciples preparing for their final meal together. Jesus should be taking his seat at the table. He is the teacher, leader and Rabbi of this ragtag group. He surprises everyone by taking a towel instead of his seat. This is a major breach of protocol. He then proceeds to do the unthinkable. He stoops before each man with a basin of water to wash and dry his dirty feet.


Jesus does not give a sermon on serving. I have heard some great sermons on serving, have you? He does not tell a parable about humility, or do an inspiring miracle that points to serving. He simple and quietly picks up a towel and begins to serve his friends with humility and grace. No sermon, parable or miracle is offered as introduction or explanation. Serving is something you model.

Jesus goes first in taking the posture of a servant. He then invites us to do the same.

John 13:7 reads, “ Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” Serving is a very intentional practice that’s tied to a very specific promise you will be blessed. Are we teaching our daughters how to serve? Remember, serving is something you model. Are we modeling a lifestyle that demonstrates service? Are we inviting our daughters to practice the same? This is a counter culture value. A life that is truly blessed will be marked by great love and service to others.  

We live in a consumer culture. There is a marked difference between consuming to live and living to consume. People who live to consume eventually become bored and boring.  Serving others keeps us balanced and healthy with ourselves and with others. Serving is a habit not an idea. It is a practice not a principle. It is a decision followed by action not a devotion followed by reflection. We are not blessed because we know to serve. We are blessed when we actually serve.

As dads we are called to go first in this area. We are also called to develop and equip our daughters with a capacity to serve others. We do this with a desire to see them experience the richest and fullest life possible, a blessed life. Look for opportunities to serve that are simple and local. Our families are great places to practice serving. We have meals to serve, bathrooms to clean, beds to be made, floors to be swept, dishwashers to fill and empty, clothes to be folded, lunches to be made.


Jesus found a simple way to demonstrate a powerful truth. He picked up a towel and began to serve. Find yourself a towel and lets get to work.


Peace and Grace

Dr. Don Worcester

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Dr. Don Worcester


3 responses to A Practice with a Promise

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