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This past summer in the midst of a week-long summer camp with high school students,a leader from one of the groups came and shared with me a conversation that happened in their cabin of girls.

Several high school girls were talking to their adult leader about some of the ways they view themselves and some of their inner thoughts. This leader heard words and phrases similar to the ones I have heard over the past 20 years of working with teenage girls; words about appearance and their dissatisfaction with how they are and phrases like “not good enough”, “too much”, “insecure”, “useless”, “insignificant”, and on and on. It is heartbreaking to hear girls share things like this and so painful to hear their hearts.

This adult wanted desperately to help these girls see things differently. So, she had them write those negative things down on a piece of paper and then tear them up and throw them away. She then had these high school girls write a letter to themselves about how God sees them. The words they used were beautiful and completely opposite from the words they use to define themselves. What a freeing experience. We need to be reminded frequently of who we really are.

Dads, thank you for wanting to engage with your daughters. If you are wanting to remind your daughter of who she is or having a hard time connecting…. try something similar to this. Perhaps write your daughter a letter reminding her of who she is in your eyes and who she is in the eyes of God the father. It may be more freeing than we know. It is definitely worth the time!




Thanks for leaning in,

Kristy Fox



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