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I was recently contacted by a phenominal group of women who are working on what looks to be an amazing project. The content matter immediately resonates with us at MyFatherDaughter and our audience. For that reason, they asked if I would mind helping them promote their project and the documentary they are working on. I have seen the trailer and this looks to be a very worthy project. Please read on and go to their website to learn even more. Thank you – Alan



As a group of women who treat individuals who struggle with body image and disordered eating, we wanted to make a difference. As mothers, we wanted to make an impact on the world for our daughters and for all girls, helping them to grow up in a world where they could feel good about themselves and how they looked.


Much of the research on healthy body image development focuses on the importance of the mother and daughter relationship. Most of us have heard how important it is for moms to be a good role model about appearance by trying to not make negative comments about their own appearance and being a healthy role model. As professionals, we had frequently shared the importance of this relationship in our own outreach programs ad presentations.

        But, what about dads?

As treatment professionals, we realized that the value of the father and daughter relationship is often overlooked. As we researched, we found countless studies showing the great importance and impact the father daughter relationship can have. We recognized that fathers’ truly can make an amazing positive impact in their daughter’s life that can protect them from the countless media messages they will receive that will tell them they need to look a certain way or that they don’t look good enough. Father’s play a great role in their daughter’s sense of self and body image.

But, many dads may not have this awareness and those that do may not know how best to act.

We also knew there were many amazing stories out there about father’s making a positive impact on their daughter’s life and body image. Kelly Flanagan, who is featured on our teasers, wrote a letter to his daughter about the multiple messages she will receive about beauty and appearance. In his letter, he wrote about challenging these messages and being true to her self. The letter went viral.

We knew these stories had to be shared. We knew that fathers needed to be made aware of the amazing impact they can have on their daughters

This was the impetus for our desire to create the documentary “A Voice That Carries.” Through stories from fathers and daughters, our documentary hopes to show every father and father figure, the important role they play in their daughter’s life and how they can help foster a positive body image. Our goal is to provide education and inspire others to take positive action. We hope that this film sparks a movement to provide greater awareness of the important role a father plays.

We are beyond excited and honored to have Brett Culp, an award-winning filmmaker of Legends of the Knight, as our filmmaker for this project. His vision and story telling ability will help share these stories in a powerful manner.

Now, all we need is your support and your stories. If you have a story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our website at www.avoicethatcarries.com or follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/avoice_carries

For more information on our campaign, please go to



Thank you very much!

Heidi Limbrunner




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