A Way to Help Guard Your Daughter

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My son’s and my daughter’s feet both grew 2 full sizes this summer! So, we went out this to do some back to school shopping for them. Back to school shopping….loading kids up with paper, pencils, notebooks, a new backpack, shoes, and some new clothes. It strikes me every year, but this year in particular, that the options are slim for clothes that girls can actually wear to school. My daughter’s school has a dress code – no tank tops, no shirts where you can see your tummy if you raise your hands, and the more difficult one to comply with…shorts that are long enough to reach your fingertips when your hands are at your sides. This year it was nearly impossible to find clothes in stores which would comply with the dress code.

Recently on the radio I caught a small part of an interview with someone talking about just that. But what she said next was powerful!

She encouraged dads to be the ones to have these conversations with their daughters instead of leaving it up to the moms. For example with clothes….She said that many times moms are too lenient with their daughters because things are stylish or others are wearing it too and that the dad should be the one stopping girls leaving their homes if they are dressed inappropriately and lovingly saying no way – go change. What she said next was so very powerful…

Because — “Dads are the ones who should guard the sexuality of their daughters”.

I can’t tell you the woman’s name to give her credit, and I wish I had heard more of the interview, but those words stuck with me. Dads, that is a big calling today when the stores are selling clothes that barely cover their body parts, when girls see things like they did on the VMA’s this year, and when they are living in a culture that does not urge them to guard and honor their bodies. Please let them know that you love them and that it is because of your deep love and respect for them that some things just aren’t ok. Please don’t make mom do it all of the time just because she is also a female and can “relate”. They need to hear from you – from a man in their life who wants to protect them in all ways.

Dads are hard-wired to protect their families. That means not just physically, but from all things that could cause them pain­­­. Help your daughter guard and honor and protect her sexuality. She needs you in this area. She wants to hear from you that she is beautiful and that you want to do anything you can to protect her! Tell her something different about who she is than the rest of the world seems to be screaming at her. This gets tougher as your girls get older, but if your daughters are young – start now and they will know what to expect in later years.


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  1. I like this alot, my daughters are still young and they dont see it like i do but i alwas have to explain she doesnt need to wear make up to look beautiful and what helps my wife barely wears any too so shes a perfect example to our girls.

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