Bad Medicine

Dr. Don Worcester —  May 22, 2015 — 2 Comments

It’s pretty easy to get discouraged, distracted or defeated when you are managing the responsibilities of loving, leading and providing for a family.


We should pay attention to the things that hurt us and to the things that comfort us.

Things that comfort us generally have much more potential for ruining our lives than the things that hurt us.

Things that hurt us are quickly recognized and noted as dangerous. We are likely to take measures and avoid any future contact that would put us back in harms way.

Things that comfort can draw us back again and again. We may slip into a costly habit and lose track of the real price we are paying to feel better.


There is a very subtle and seductive kind of comfort that helps us feel better without actually getting better. The pain relief is real but any sense of real health, progress or healing is a mirage.

This kind of mirage reappears every time we cycle through this kind of comfort.


It is hard to deny or resist a comfort that you know works well and works quickly. We may gradually develop a relationship and habit with our agent of comfort.

When we step into the comfort we also step into a current that pulls us along.

The current is generally soothing not threatening. It requires little from us. The scenery is pleasant and the drifting is relaxing.

The progression from wanting to needing often goes unnoticed.

A person who is hurting may care more about the relief they are getting, then what they are getting into.

Hurting makes us desperate and desperate people often make bad deals that create more desperate circumstances.

This cycle can become a spiral that takes us further away from any real peace or restoration.


As Dads we need to keep track of our hurts and our hearts.

We need to find legitimate comforts for the stresses and pressures we

carry and manage. We need to be willing to ask one another and ourselves

honest and real questions about the health of our habits.

We are intended to find comfort in our relationship with God,

we are invited to come and receive freely from Him.

We are invited to come as we are. There is no hook in this kind of comfort.

Jesus comes as a Messiah not as a Mirage. The river we are invited into is River of Life, not a river of dependency and destruction.

We are delivered not destroyed as we become dependent on

the one true source of Comfort.

Some comfort is Bad Medicine. It only deadens our symptoms and does nothing to heal our soul.


A good physician does not administer Bad Medicine.

Let’s get to the Good Physician

Let’s seek his Good Medicine.

Let’s get better.

Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester


Dr. Don Worcester


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