Bad News, Good News

Dr. Don Worcester —  April 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

There are lots of ways to mess up as a dad and as a husband. Any man

who is trying to love, lead, provide, support and protect his family

is going to make a fair share of mistakes along the way.


Marriage and family life have a way of exposing our vulnerabilities,

surfacing our insecurities, and bringing our unfinished and unredeemed

wounds and weaknesses right into Center Stage.

This can feel a bit like getting a Root Canal at a Bus Stop. So plan

on having some bad days, some hard times, and some cold shoulders.

Broken people love each other very imperfectly. That’s the bad news.


The Good News is that there is “Good News.”

There is a love that does not wear out, run out or opt out.

There is a river of Mercy that is always flowing, always available and always refreshing.

There are piles of grace lining the paths we travel.

A Grace that is always amazing, fragrant and free.

There is fresh hope and fresh starts waiting for us in all the deserts

and dead ends we somehow wander into.

And none of this goodness depends on

our performance or us.

The Good News is not that we are great at loving God

but that He is stubborn and faithful in loving us.



So if you are getting a little thinned out or worn out trying to spin

all the plates,

and slay all the dragons take a little time out.



Take some time to remember that you are not in control of the most important things in your life. God is in control, and that is Good News.


Remember that you are loved and valued by your Father in Heaven. It turns out that He is a very good Dad and He is also very fond and very committed to you.


Remember that you can start again today, wherever you are. You and I can decide that today, we will believe, today we will receive the love and grace earmarked for us. For our God is exceedingly Generous and Merciful.



I don’t know what you need today as a dad or as a husband, I don’t know if you’re drowning in Bad News or floating in Good News. I do know someone who knows just where you are and just what you need. How about if today, we check in with our Father about being Father’s?

I’ll bet He has something with your name on it!


Grace & Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester



Dr. Don Worcester


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