Be the One to Chase

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I asked a couple of girls (13-30) the question “Why do you think dads are so important?” and here are a few of their responses.


“He’s the 1st male relationship you ever have in your life”

“He’s always there for you and should be the first guy to show you that you’re beautiful”

“He shows you what to expect from another guy in your life and how he should treat you”

“You know how much you’re worth when your dad treats you well”

“Your dad sets the bar for what to look for in a husband”


In any track and field event – the man in the lead is the one to chase. He leads the way and sets the bar for the others that follow. Dads, you lead the way!

Dads, one of your big roles is to lead the way and set the bar. The girls above are correct – you are the first male relationship they will have in their life. You get to set the bar for how they expect to be treated by a man. You can help your daughters see who they are. You can help set the pace and the expectations up ahead.

You may never stand on a podium to receive a gold medal, run through the winners tape at a marathon, or take home a championship ring. But, you have the opportunity to do something even greater. There may be times it feels like you may be losing or falling behind but hang in there, even when it gets tough, and finish strong.

You are the first man she has in her life in a significant way – make the most of that opportunity! Write your daughter a nice note, take her to dinner or on a trip, recognize things about her character, and let her know she is valuable beyond belief and that no one should ever treat her otherwise.

Lead the way. Set the bar. Be the one to chase in this.


Thanks for leaning in,

Kristy Fox






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