Be the One

Dr. Don Worcester —  October 18, 2013 — 2 Comments

One is a dangerous number.

When things really matter we generally like to have options and plan B’s.

Most of us going on a long road trip would like to have a spare tire in the trunk. We have technology on our laptops and an iCloud up above to insure that our documents, data and pictures are all backed up. Mag flashlights all come with an extra bulb in the base. No one wants to go into the dark with only one bulb. Having a “spare”, a “back up”, or an “extra” just feels better. One after all, is a very lonely and dangerous number.


In Luke’s Gospel account we read of a dark and dangerous encounter

set against the backdrop of a violent storm. We find 12 men clinging to

their boat and whatever hope they could muster against the wind and the

waves pummeling their small craft. Peter caught a glimpse of an

uncertain figure walking through the pitching waves and tossing sea.

“If it is really you, if you’re the One, bid me come on the water” he screamed into the howling storm at the distant figure. This was a loud and dangerous prayer from a man willing to surrender the security of his boat for an answer to his question; is it really you, are you the One?


There is only one who can walk on water, and can empower us to walk on

water. There is only one who blends grace and truth in a seamless,

tender and personal way. There is only one who never gets lost, never

gives in and never gives up. He is the One who makes the impossible, possible.

As a dad, He is the One we need to see in our life if we are going to be the one in our daughter’s life. Your daughter gets one dad. There is no spare, backup or extra.

There is no plan “B”, no substitute, no work around.

You are not replaceable or disposable.

There is only one of you, so be the One in your daughter’s life.

Be the one who sits with her when you’re both out of words. Be the one who

carries her hope when her arms are too tired and the storms are too

big. Be the one who sees her dazzling beauty and her extravagant



It’s dangerous to be the one. The stakes could not be higher. So take a chance, slip out of your comfort zone and security and take a little stroll on the water.  Do it today.

Be the One.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester


Dr. Don Worcester


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  1. That picture is of my oldest daughter Annabelle!

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