Because I Said I Would

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I love when people share about practical ways they are engaging in purposeful interactions with their daughters!

Recently my friend let me know that there was a great article on Southwest airlines (Spirit magazine) that had prompted another friend of his to move to action. The article was about a man named Alex Sheen who lost his father to cancer and has channeled his grief into a nonprofit/global social movement called “Because I Said I Would” and the power of making a commitment and sticking to it.

The article says that Sheen spent an hour trying to remember a single promise his father had failed to keep and came up empty. He said, “If you can’t think of a single thing, that’s the lesson your dad was trying to teach you.”

Sheen distributes small white cards with the words “Because I said I would” and people write something on them as their “word” and hand to someone else to be given back when completed.

In the case of my friend, the man reading this article had told his daughter that he would take her to San Francisco, but it had never happened. He found a white board at home and wrote to his daughter:

Taking you to San Francisco

Because I said I would.


I love this! It is important for your daughters to have a man in their life who is a man of their word. It is important to model that for your kids.


Jesus himself said in Matthew 5:37 “Simply let your “yes” be a “yes” and your “no”, “no”.”


No more empty promises. Let’s be people that do what we say we will do. What a great lesson for our kids.


Thank you to the many men out there who are being incredible examples to their families and making a difference.


Thanks for Leaning in,


Kristy Fox


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