Better Together

Dr. Don Worcester —  July 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

This morning while getting dressed for work I ran into a delay when I

got to my Sock Drawer. It should have been a grab and go exercise, one

pair of dark socks to match my dark pants, grab the socks, grab some

coffee, kiss the dog, pat my children and fly out the door

appropriately clothed and caffeinated.


A “Sock Shortage” did not cause my delay; my sock drawer is full

of socks. I was not facing a ” Quality” issue, thanks to my wife and

Mother-in-Law, I have pretty great socks.

I had lots of socks and good socks but what I really needed was a “pair” of socks.

Socks are bought, sold and worn as “pairs”. They are meant to

travel together. A single sock is not half as valuable as a pair of

socks. Socks need partners to do their good work. Starring into my

Sock Drawer this morning I was forced to recognize that somewhere and

somehow 13 beautiful dark socks had lost their partners.



How socks get separated and lost is one of Life’s great mysteries. I

have never banished a sock from my drawer. I have never intentionally

broken up a pair of socks. I work pretty hard to keep them together

and still the pairs get separated and pulled apart through the course

of daily living.


How is your Sock Drawer this morning?

It is not just our socks that are designed to travel together.

How is your partnership with your wife?

Have you lost contact or connection through the course of your daily

lives and routines?

How and where are you pairing with your daughter?

Have you cooked a meal together lately?

Thrown a Frisbee, fed the ducks, played a prank,

read something good to each other,

planted some flowers

or watched a sun rise or set?


Here is the truth about both socks and people

It takes no effort to get separated,

It takes lots of little and big efforts to stay a Pair.


So Happy 4th of July. I hope you and your family will be able to

celebrate Independence Day, with lots and lots of togetherness.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester


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Dr. Don Worcester


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