Bigger or Better

Dr. Don Worcester —  March 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

Local Young Life Clubs will sometimes play a game called Bigger or Better. The High School students are thrown into groups of 10-15 kids and given one shiny penny. The groups are then given 30 minutes to canvas the neighborhood and begin trading what they have for something Bigger or Better. The original penny is quickly upgraded to something Bigger or Better. The group then tears off to the next house ready to trade again. Under just the right conditions, one Shiny Penny can turn into a real treasure.



In the second chapter of Genesis we find God

inviting Eve into his version of Bigger and Better.


She is invited and led into a Bigger Story that God is telling.

A story that extends beyond her life;

a Big Story, a beautiful garden, an intimate relation with her creator,

a partner who is both similar and different at the same time, a naked freedom with a total absence of shame.


Eve represents the final brush strokes of the Master’s Painting called Creation. The incomplete and not good become the Very Best with the introduction of Eve to the Creation account.


She joins this Big Story and brings something new and beautiful,

She makes the Good even Better.



She does not join as a Clone of Adam

She is the First Woman not the second Human


She is crafted out of Adam, not out of soil.

She is formed with a capacity to compliment and contribute to the relationships with both God and Man


She is designed with a capacity to bring life and to give life.

She is an image bearer of God in her gender, in her gifting, in her unique physical, emotional, spiritual expression.


In marriage she is designed to be her complete and unique self

and to be blended and mingled into a union with a complete and unique man.


Two different beings held together and united by a Greater Being, a Greater Love, a Greater and Bigger Story.



Are we helping our daughters enter into the Bigger Story?


Are we helping them celebrate and enjoy their unique design and beauty?


Are we asking and encouraging them to want more than small comforts?


Our daughter’s have a calling and a destiny that goes beyond the comfortable and the convenient.

Let’s cheer them into the bigger story.

Let’s support their best convictions.

Let’s imagine their biggest and best contribution.


Under just the right circumstances, a shiny penny or a shiny girl can transform into a real treasure.

Let’s keep falling forward as we love and lead our families.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester



Dr. Don Worcester


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