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My oldest son started playing basketball in preschool. In Kindergarten he was in a little sports league with other 5 and 6 year old kids. The games were on Saturday morning at the local Elementary school. These were generally pretty high-energy low scoring events. The kids played with great enthusiasm, the parents’ cheered for effort and attitude and occasionally someone made a basket. All the games wrapped up with High Fives, pictures and plenty of popsicles.



One Saturday morning we played a team who actually scored points on a somewhat regular basis. This was a little shocking and dis-heartening to our players and fan base. By the Fourth quarter they were clobbering our team 12 to 0. With two minutes left to play we were more than ready to call this game and break out the popsicles. As the clock hit the one-minute mark the opposing team drained a final basket. This was a Game-Over moment for just about all the players and the fans.



With the clock ticking one of our players ran to the Official and called urgently for a timeout. This was a surprise move that neither the coaches nor the fans anticipated. He quickly huddled up the team. “ We need a new plan,” he shouted to the boys. “Yeah a new plan” they shouted back with enthusiasm. The whole gym was now watching and waiting to hear the new plan that would turn things around this late in the game. This young Mel Gibson turned to his weary troops and shouted from deep in his bowels, “ Let’s get Gooder! ” His team mates erupted and began chanting with great conviction and passion, “ Let’s get Gooder…Let’s get Gooder “



Since this is just a blog and not a Disney movie, I don’t feel too much pressure to report a miraculous ending to the game that day. I do remember that the popsicles were very good. The war cry however has stuck with me, “Let’s get Gooder!” There is something very right about forgetting the scoreboard, the missed shots and the uncertain fans. Sometimes as men, both big and little we need to huddle up and shout together that we are going to Get Gooder.


As dads, lets Get Gooder at:

Knowing what makes our daughters smile, cry and laugh

Modeling great marriages while we work on our Dad game

Taking our best shot, even if we haven’t hit the backboard in a while

Praying boldly and living humbly, a kind spirit will cover clumsy technique

Keeping courage in our hearts, our eyes on the ball and our head in the game.


Scoreboards, time clocks and fans are all off the field. You and I are on the field.

So let’s play hard, have fun and finish strong. There will be plenty of High Fives and Popsicles waiting for us all at the Buzzer.


Grace & Peace

Dr. Don Worcester



Dr. Don Worcester


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