Calling or Comfort

Dr. Don Worcester —  June 19, 2015 — Leave a comment

This Sunday is Father’s Day. I think it’s great that dads get an

official shout out one day a year. I am looking forward to the

pancakes and coffee that my two sweet daughters traditionally “surprise”

me with each year on this special day. There will probably be

a little gift bag with a few cool but total unnecessary gadgets that I

have been wanting; one more flashlight, a new fishing lure, a quality

cigar, a new work out shirt and a sweet card with wonderful words from

my amazing wife. I am a blessed man.


By about 11:00 AM the Dad Party will be over and I will head out to

mow the yard, run by Home Depot for something and pick up some chicken or steaks on the way home to grill out that night. I plan to enjoy the

whole day. There is lots and lots of good in being a dad, but not usually

much glitz or glamor.

Part of the blessing and the burden of being a dad is deciding what matters most to us on a day-to-day basis.

We can decide to focus on our calling or on our comfort. It is a daily decision and a pretty important one.

On our best days we may have a clear sense of the joy and commitment to our calling as fathers.

On other days we may drift into a greater concern or commitment to our own comfort. Our spirit is often willing and our flesh is

generally weak. So it’s pretty important for us to keep grace and truth circulating through our lives.

A few questions you might consider heading into Father’s Day.

Do you think and pray more about your calling or your comfort as a dad?

What are your Comfort Expectations as a dad?

I want to be comfortable

I expect to be comfortable

I need to be comfortable

I deserve to be comfortable

I am committed to being comfortable


It is easy to remain “hazy” on our calling while being crystal clear with our comforts.

This turns out to be pretty convenient when it comes to avoiding the uncomfortable and the inconvenient in our roles as husbands and fathers.

Let’s not surrender our convictions and commitments at the Altar of Convenience.

Comfort is not a requirement when it comes to doing the right thing.

Enjoy your pancakes, your flashlights, your slippers, ties, cigars and fishing lures this Sunday.

Let’s have some big fun on our big day. We are Fathers and there is much to celebrate.

Let’s also embrace the big call and deep joy of loving and serving our wives and daughters.


Happy Father’s Day


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester




Dr. Don Worcester


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