Dads, Dolphins and Taylor Swift

kristyfox —  August 26, 2015 — Leave a comment

I got really excited, proud, and hopeful for so many girls last night as I watched some dads being terrific fathers! .

The night began by getting an email from a friend, Jay, who is a great dad, and he keeps getting even better. I love that he takes his role as a father seriously with his two teenage daughters.   He has come to two seminars we have done for dads with daughters in the Southern California area and brought friends with him, he has ­read the book Prized Possession and has the workbook, and most importantly he has taken the challenge and is implementing all that he is reading and hearing about in his everyday relationships with his daughters. He was already a great dad and it is so fun to watch him firsthand as he dives in even more with his two teenage daughters and to hear them brag about their dad. So – I am sitting at dinner and he sends me pictures of he and his daughter swimming with dolphins at SeaWorld as a daddy daughter date.

I texted his 13 year old daughter JoJo and asked her to share with me a bit about that trip and her dad and she said, ” my dad came in my room a couple months ago and asked me if there was one thing I could do with him, what would it be. After thinking about all the things I could’ve done, I realized that swimming with dolphins would be a good opportunity to bond with him and make unforgettable memories.” “He tells me I’m his prized possession every day and I’ll never forget that.”

That text is worth every penny Jay spent on dolphins. To add to the fun, while he was there he wanted to capture the moment and asked another dad standing nearby (happened to be visiting from France) if he would take some pictures.   He proceeded to tell this dad about their father daughter date as well as the blog and book. This dad later emailed Jay the pictures from France and wrote “Good, am happy to have seen you SO proud of this instant with your daughter. IT Was a pleasure”

 jojo2 jojo3 jojo

From dinner, we walked down to Staples Center in LA. In a crowd of 15,000 people, one thing in particular kept grabbing my attention…. In the swarm of thousands of teenage girls were a bunch of men about my age, not there for a basketball game – but for a Taylor Swift concert.   You could tell right away these men were not “Swifties” but these men were with their daughters, doing something their daughters loved and making their dreams come true. I was blown away by the number of dads there with their daughters – smiling, clapping along, standing as their daughters screamed and danced the night away, and even helping their daughters hold up their lighted posters (which very possibly they had helped them make).

twsift2 tswift

Dolphins and Taylor Swift concert memories- made possible by great dads wanting to love their daughters well.  

Thank you dads for making an impression on me last night.

Thank you dads who make dolphins and Taylor Swift a part of your life for the sake of your daughters.

You made me incredibly hopeful last night!


Keep pressing on,


Kristy Fox



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