Dangerous Friends

Dr. Don Worcester —  December 27, 2013 — 3 Comments

It is hard to be a great dad without dangerous friends. So let me ask you, do you have any dangerous friends? Dangerous friends do not care about offending you. They don’t care about you feeling better. They care about you getting better. Dangerous friends challenge your excuses and expose your blind spots. They hold up a mirror to the ugly and unfinished parts of your life. They speak the truth in love. They often help you see what you have been trying not to see. Dangerous friends want more for you and see more in you than Normal friends.


They help you name your fears and discover your courage. Dangerous friends are dangerous because they want the next better version of you still hiding in the shadows. Social friends, Normal friends, Nice friends are much more common than Dangerous friends. It is hard to be a great dad without dangerous friends. So let me ask you again, do you have any dangerous friends?

“What is your daughter learning about life, from watching the way you live?”

The question came at me from a good friend, a dangerous friend. I was in a cabin up north for a man weekend. We had played hard and laughed hard all day. The evening began with some good thick steaks and finished with some Cuban cigars on the patio.

My dangerous friend was calling me out. He wanted to know what my daughter was learning about life form watching how I lived. I didn’t like the question. The guys around me were waiting for my response. I thought of a quick and easy answer. I thought of a good Sunday School answer. I thought of a safe and evasive non-answer. My good friends were waiting patiently, silently. Dangerous friends will always wait, but only for real answers. The real answer is what ultimately spilled out.  We were up late that night asking each other hard questions, dangerous questions, and real questions.


We all need help to get to the real questions and the real answers. Do you want to be a great dad in 2014? Let some men in your life become Dangerous Friends. Ask Jesus, and then ask around. Make it happen.


Happy New Year, make it a great one!


Dr. don worcester



Dr. Don Worcester


3 responses to Dangerous Friends

  1. Renee Worcester January 1, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Love this guy and he writes well, too!

  2. Good stuff Don. Dangerous friends are important, more men need them. A regular time together to enjoy each others company and challenge one another keeps this in front of me.

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