Dare to Dance?

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Just a couple of weeks ago I found myself sitting at a table with some high school girls and their Young Life leader who is getting married this summer.  They had taken a 2 hour drive together to get to camp for the weekend.  I asked how their car ride was and they all giggled and told me that they spent the entire ride giving her suggestions for the song for her 1st Dance as well as the Father-Daughter Dance.  “And” they said “we’re going to do it all of the way home too cause we’re not done!”.

There is something about “the dance” at the wedding – both the bride/groom and the father/daughter dance that touches a sweet spot in the heart of girls of all ages.  I don’t know why exactly, but girls often pick out their “dance songs” long before they are even considering a wedding.   Why is “the dance” so important?   Perhaps it is because they want to be swept away by someone they love and who they know loves them.  Maybe it’s because they want someone to call them out of the shadows and off of the wall and dance.  It could be because they want to trust someone to lean into.  It might be a desire to be treated as a princess or to be the focal point of someone’s attention.

Maybe the idea of “the dance” resonates with the deep desires of all of our hearts.  A yearning to dance with God.

“My children like to stand on my feet and dance with me.  God lets us do that too.  You can put your feet on His, and He will carry you around the room.  Eventually, His steps will become yours, and you can allow yourself to be swept away by the music.  You are beautiful in His arms.  Dancing is fun.  Your job is easy…rest in His strong embrace and follow His lead.” (Do You Think I’m Beautiful, Angela Thomas)

One of the roles of an earthly father is to help his daughter learn to dance.

It may be literally to put your daughter on your feet and dance around and let her learn to have fun with you while you “sweep” her away.  Perhaps it could be inviting your daughter to the “dance” of life and learn what it looks like to be “in step” with God as He leads her.  It may be a lesson in learning to trust in the heavenly Father’s embrace.  It might be getting your daughter out of the shadows and learning to have fun and be captured by Joy.

Do not wait until her wedding day – Dare to Dance?  Get out there and do it!


Kristy Fox

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