Deal or No Deal

Dr. Don Worcester —  April 12, 2013 — Leave a comment


Do you remember the Game Show from a few years ago, Deal or No Deal?  Howie Mandel was the host. The show began with a stage full of beautiful women each standing next to a briefcase. The contestant was allowed to pick one brief case with an undisclosed amount of money that they could keep or sell as the game progressed.  The player then began selecting more briefcases to open. Howie would stop at certain points, taking a phone call from the anonymous banker in the shaded booth. He would then offer to buy the contestants briefcase for some stated price. He would look at the contestant and ask for their decision with a tag line we all knew, Deal or No Deal.

Our daughters are asked to play some version of this game almost every day.

They are offered deals all the time. They can trade what they have been given for the promise or hope of something more. There are lots of people shouting out advice to them. The advice is often conflicted and confusing. They see friends and peers playing the same game. The offers can be compelling and the fear of missing out can be overwhelming. In the end, it is their hand on the buzzer, Deal or No Deal.


Girls who don’t know what they have or who they are will always be tempted to take The Deal. Our culture has a way of turning hearts, minds and bodies into commodities that can be bought, traded and sold. Many young women have taken the Deal, only to discover later, that when hearts are traded, they are often broken. The truth is, this world can never offer us more, it can only talk us into less.

As Fathers, let’s be champions and advocates for the Best. Let’s not take the deal to settle for average, O.K. or functioning when it comes to our daughters. Their talents, their hearts, their lives and their bodies are not commodities to sell, but treasures to protect. There is a real treasure that has been deposited in each of us.

Could we help our daughters guard and celebrate that gift and be ready to give her final answer to Howie?   “NO Deal!”


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester    


Dr. Don Worcester


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