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kristyfox —  September 4, 2013 — 4 Comments

I attended a beautiful wedding this past weekend for two amazing people.   Weddings are always touching and this one was no different, but there are three things that seem to get me every time –

1) watching the groom watch the bride come down the aisle.  Typically all eyes are on her, but my husband and I love watching the groom “take in” his bride (often with tears in his eyes).

2) The father of the bride speech – rare to see any father get through that with dry eyes


3) the father/daughter dance


father of the bride


My husband and I were complimenting the father of the bride at this particular wedding for a job well done on his speech.   I said to my husband, “that’s going to be a hard one for you to get through” in reference to him giving a speech in the far off future for our now 11 year old daughter.    He agreed with the father of the bride that it would be tough for him.  There was another young man standing there, a guy probably in his mid-twenties, recently married and no kids as of yet.   He said, “that’s why I hope I only have boys when we have kids.”   Both my husband and the father of the bride looked at one another and smiled.   They both spoke of being raised in all-boy homes and that is what they used to think as well…. Until they had a little girl.

They looked at this young man and said, “You’ll be missing out if you never have a girl”.

I am thinking you are reading this blog because you do have a girl and you are trying to figure out how to be an even better father for her, and for that I applaud you.   I want to also remind you to not miss out on the journey with your daughter you do have.   It can be a tough road and awkward at times – but she is a beautiful, amazing, and wonderful gift that the Lord has given you.

As the new school year begins I encourage you to engage!  Don’t miss out on opportunities that surround you every day.

Try  one of these ideas to engage and not miss out on time with her, and maybe even remind yourself of the privilege it is to be her father.

–          Wake her up early and take her to breakfast or coffee before school

–          Sneak a note in her lunchbox, notebook or backpack

–          Bring her lunch as a surprise

–          Talk about school, friends, classes, sports, etc by asking great questions and primarily listening to her and letting her talk

Your daughter walks into an onslaught of pressures every day at school and it is a game changer for her to know that you think the world of her and that your world just wouldn’t be the same without her.   Don’t miss out on the girl you have.

Thanks for all that you do as dads!


Kristy Fox

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4 responses to Don’t Miss Out

  1. I would just like to take a moment and thank you for this website. (Myfatherdaughter) . I am the proud daddy to 3 beautiful little women,19,4 and almost 2. And a smart handsome very Christ following son of 12. Being the only male other than myself he has to settle for more girl orenitated activities but he does them with a smile everytime. I share alot of the blogs and emails from.your site with him in hopes that I’m raising him in the light that females, be it a mother a sister or a daughter or very important and special gifts that we should charish and protect. I am also proud to say my 3 girls compete for my attention and I give them all I have or can come up with. They’re very smart very loving and all mine . Thank you for the guiding light you project in the aid of growing closer to and wiser in the ways of making them smile. God bless you and yours.
    Chad Burton (aka daddy,pops,daddio,and poppa MONGO)

    • Chad! Wow, thank you so much for that encouraging e-mail. That blesses us greatly to hear that! God bless you in your parenting! Also, curious if you have seen our book, “Prized Possession”. I think you would really appreciate it!

  2. Thank you for these great ideas! I have two girls, 14 & 9. I’m struggling to find that fine balance between letting the teen have the freedom she thinks she needs and the boundaries I think she needs. Your blog helps. Any advice for us fathers with teen daughters is gratefully read!

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