Emotional Jet Lag

Dr. Don Worcester —  December 4, 2015 — Leave a comment

We are all prone to take trips in our head while we walk through and

work through the day we are actually living in. Many of us are

“Frequent Flyers” on these little jaunts into our past and our

imaginary future. The journey out of today is often a fast and easy

ticket. It is not however a free ticket. Take a quick trip into your

past and you’ll likely return with more baggage than you left with.

Things you “Could” have done, “Should” have done and ” Would” have

done if you had only known, only realized the fallout from your action

or inaction. On your return trip you will find some extra luggage with your name on it.

These are heavy bags, things like regret, shame and bitterness.



Tired of trips into the past, excursions into your imaginary future are

always available. The only limit here is your imagination. You can

visit some future day and picture yourself in some dire, lonely and

unbearable circumstance. You can imagine the hopelessness and despair

you will feel. These trips should be easy to avoid, strangely they are

not. We are drawn to them the same way we are to an auto accident on

the side of the road or a bad carnival ride. Trips into tomorrow and

beyond often leave us feeling anxious, unsettled and internally



Today is the only day you can actually live in. Living well in the day

your living in is simple; it’s just not easy.

Start by canceling your trips into Yesterday or Tomorrow. You and I

will never have a better or different past, so relax and do your best

to show up today. Take a breath, lean in and try to keep the cheese on your cracker.

Tomorrow will show up right on time. It may or may not look like anything you’re expecting.

You do not know for sure because you are not supposed to know for sure.

Humans are not task with this kind of knowing; they are task to show up, so do that.



Dads need to be present. Your daughter is growing up one day at a time.

She cannot and will not go on these trips into yesterday or tomorrow.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect, to serve, to laugh, to listen, to pray, to bless, today! Stay in today.

None of us need the Emotional Jet Lag of these very expensive and habit forming trips. Let’s work harder to

find the Good Stuff in front of us and around us. Somewhere in this day there is a treasure waiting to be found, don’t miss it.


Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester

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Dr. Don Worcester


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