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The right to name something is kind of a big deal. Most typically this honor goes to four groups of people, Inventors, Scientist, Explorers and Fathers. Naming is always personal. The name given will likely be permanent. The name will be picked up and used by others when referring to this person, place or thing. The greatest responsibility may come in naming a child. How do you choose the name for someone you don’t yet know? This is the honor, privilege and burden of parents everywhere.

Our last child was unexpected. She was the prize in the bottom of the Cracker Jacks we didn’t see coming. We considered many names for this new little girl we had not yet met. We settled on the name Abigail. Her name means, “ She makes her father glad.” She is such an Abigail. Our little prize is now ten years old. If you asked my daughter what her name means, she will smile widely, revealing the one dimple on her right cheek and say, “ I make my daddy glad.” This is her name, and her name is true.


A father, who finds deep joy in his daughter, will deposit gold into her soul. Our daughters are designed to be known, loved and enjoyed. A father is uniquely equipped and called to be the first man in her life to provide this. Girls who do not experienced this connection, protection and joy with their fathers will carry a “ Father Hunger “ into other male relationships. This almost always leads to some form of heartache and destruction later in their lives.

ENJOY YOUR DAUGHTER. You will be hard pressed to find or give a better gift. Nehemiah, (8:10) commanded the people to celebrate. To eat, drink, laugh and enjoy. He reminded them of something we may forget, “ The joy of the lord is our strength.” Seeing Joy in the father, will give us strength. It will give your daughter strength to see your joy. Is she seeing your joy? Does she know how glad you are to be her father? Are you laughing together? Is having Big fun, a Big priority? It should be.

ENJOY YOUR DAUGHTER. Chase cats, catch Lady Bugs, throw water balloons, hit golf balls, frost cupcakes, color, catch a fish, hike in the dark, fly a kite, do Karaoke, stay up late and make popcorn, sleep in late and make breakfast, ditch work and school then go see a Matinee movie, play cards, ride bikes, give your dog a bath, plant a garden, read out loud to each other, bowl, cook a meal, play a video game, go to a parade, go do anything that helps you laugh, connect and enjoy one another.


Do it until you see a dimple on her face, and a big smile that says, “ I make my daddy glad.”


Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester 

Dr. Don Worcester


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  1. Best ever written abt father daughter relation.

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