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How important is the “extra”? We have all had teaches, coaches and friends that did what was required. They were sufficient, adequate, and responsible in doing their job, delivering their service and responding to our needs. They were “fine”. They were also forgettable. I don’t have a very good memory for “adequate”, “normal” or “typical”, do you? Now I am not going to throw anyone under the bus for doing their job, but do we want to be forgettable dads?

We have talked in this blog about doing great trips, big events and blow out memory makers with our daughters. I am a big fan of doing big events with our daughters. I have never talked to a dad or a daughter that did not love the opportunity of doing a father-daughter adventure, complete with all the bells-whistles-sizzle and pop. Do your best to find the time, resources and opportunities for these kinds of adventures, events and experiences. Return will be greater than investment, I promise.

The risk however in focusing on “Big Events” is that we may miss the “Little Events” that can add up to a big deal. A year-end trip won’t mean as much as a daily hug, smile and kind word. “Extra”, will always make an impression. The “extra” does not have to be extravagant. There is a lot of ordinary in every day life with our daughters, homework, school, meals, sports, transportation, activities with family and friends. In the blur of life we may spend a long time waiting for a “special” moment with our daughters. What if we slipped into the ordinary, sort of Tom Cruise-Mission Impossible style, with a little extra? When you mix a little extra into the ordinary you get something “Extraordinary.”


My sweet 14-year-old daughter was plowing through a pile of Algebra II homework on Monday afternoon. She was faithfully slugging it out. I pulled up next to her and ask if there was anything I could get her. She pondered this question for a moment and then said, “how about a Pony? ” We both smiled and I gave her a hug. I was quickly out the door to take her brother to Football practice. Later on the way back to the house I pulled into the Dollar Store and found Clem, the Wonder Pony. My daughter was still plugging away when I returned. I slipped Clem onto her desk. You would have to be pretty young or look pretty hard to find a Wow Factor in Clem. Algebra II homework and a Dollar Store pony are pretty dang ordinary, but the moment and the smile with my daughter, that was Extra-ordinary.



This weeks mission is to find a little ordinary with your daughter, then slip in with something extra. Take sixty seconds to watch this Ad about bringing a little “Extra” to your daughter.

Click here

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Dr. Don Worcester


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  1. Awesome! Loved it and the video.

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