Flawed and Fearless

Dr. Don Worcester —  August 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

Last week I got to attend a Benefit Concert featuring J.J. Heller. She

Is  an extremely gifted songwriter and very talented performer. She

was helping raise money and visibility for the Arizona Young Life

Capernaum Ministry. This ministry is focused on building Christ

Centered relationships with Special Needs Adolescents.


During a short intermission 50- 60 Capernaum friends where invited on stage to perform their rendition of ” How Great is Our God”

Their untrained and unrestrained voices were beautiful. Their outward disabilities where

clearly visible, but as they sang and worshipped there was a purity, a

radiance, and a joy that was released from a place in them that was

anything but disabled. Our outside abilities or disabilities may be

the least important part of connecting with others, ourself and God.

In truth we are all a combination of abilities and disabilities. The

only real difference between people is which one show and which ones

are hidden.


Who will love me for me

                           Not for what I have done

                           Or who I will become.

                           Who will love me for me

                           Cause nobody has shown me

                           What love

                           What Love

                           really means.

                                             J.J. Heller


Our daughters are looking and hoping to be loved for all of who they

are, and all of who they aren’t both inside and out.

They may be hoping that their abilities will bring them love, acceptance and affirmation.

They may be hiding or covering up their inabilities, disabilities and flaws from a concern or fear

that these limitations will disqualify them from being loved.

But past all of their hopes and fears, their abilities and vulnerabilities is a deep desire to be Fully Known and Fully Loved.

It takes amazing grace to give this gift, and a fairly large dose of grace to receive it.

Real love is usually miraculous and messy and it’s always worth it.



There is a Perfect Love that drives out all fear. It is a Love that

makes fear retreat. It is a Love that gives us courage to stand in the

open, to face the crowd around us and sing out loud and off key, ” How

Great is our God.” Let’s show our daughters today, what love really means.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

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Dr. Don Worcester


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