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Dads’ with daughters are often looking for help. They are hoping to find something of real value in their role as a dad and in their relationships with their daughters. There are plenty of things to feel insecure about in our parenting process. In our life as dads we may come across some “Fools Gold”. Fools Gold is the nickname of a mineral (Iron Pyrite) that resembles actual Gold. The nugget they have discovered may excite people who find Fools Gold. They may protect and promote this valuable finding. They may even share their excitement with others and write a book or two about the valuable treasure they have found in a particular practice with their kids. All of the excitement, confidence and certainty may at the end of the day be over Fools Gold.

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Look beyond the surface of any parenting process to confirm the substance of what is really taking place. Our daughters will be transformed more by the truth in their hearts than by the answers in their heads. Here is some common Fools Gold you may come across.

  Compliance is Fools Gold without Connection. If you have enough carrots or sticks you may achieve a high level of Compliance with your daughter. You may feel confident that all is well because rules are being followed. If you are not developing a genuine relationship with your daughter, you are piling up Fools Gold that brings little value in the end.

  Performance without Personal Identity is Fools Gold. We can and should look for our daughters to achieve and perform. If their Performance becomes more important than their Personal Identity we are storing up Fools Gold. If what they do or don’t do defines their value and worth, than their abilities will be more burden than blessing. Fools Gold.

Christian Lifestyle without a Life in Christ is Fools Gold. A Christian Lifestyle

will always shine and glitter on the outside. The truth is that there is no life in lifestyle, Religious or Secular. There is only life in Christ. Your Daughter’s life with Christ is where the real treasure lies.

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All that glitters is not gold. Lets keep our own hearts before Christ and pray that He will work through us to bless, protect and grow our daughters into the their full glory and freedom.


Grace and Peace,


Dr. Don Worcester


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Dr. Don Worcester


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