Going Up?

Dr. Don Worcester —  June 12, 2015 — Leave a comment


Relationships are a bit like elevators; they have a tendency to go up and down on a fairly regular basis.






The ride up is pretty exciting and the view from

the Penthouse is magical.


The ride down is a bit less inspiring.

Drop below the Lobby and you may end up in the Parking Garage, the Basement, or the Mechanical/ Storage Room.

Generally there is a little less Magic in this part of the building.


The air, the view, and the lighting all get better or worse as you travel up or down on a Relational Elevator.


Most Relationships have at least some trips into the Basement or Parking Garage.


A visit to the Basement is manageable, but living there is not. We are not designed to live underground.

Joy, hope and purpose are easily lost in the dark.


Here is the thing about Elevators and Relationships, some buttons take you up, and some buttons take you down.

Which ones have you been pushing lately?



Fresh air

Great views

and Natural Light

are best on the Top Floors.

Have you been there lately?



In the end, it is not the Elevator that makes you go up or down. It’s the button you push when the doors close that determine your floor.

How well do you know the Buttons in your Relationship?


Some attitudes and habits almost always take you into the basement. Push these buttons very often and you will notice how quickly the view changes.


Push the Critic Button and you will feel the floors whizzing by, as you head straight below ground.


Push the Defensiveness Button and you will soon be headed to the basement.


Push the,

“I’ve had it button” and you can take the Express Elevator straight down, with no stops along the way.


Every time we step into an elevator or a relationship, we get to make a decision about the Buttons we push and the direction we go.




So where do you want to go?

What buttons have you been pushing?





Kindness is a very simple and powerful button in a relationship. No matter what floor you are on, kindness will always take you up.


Compassion is not always an easy button to find, but if you find it and push it your relationship will be different and better. There will be more light and more air and more hope.


Forgiveness is the hardest and best button we can choose in a relationship. It is a button that we need to push often for ourselves and for the people we love and care about.

This button will change your view, your heart and your relationship in dramatic ways.


Decide today who you want to be in your daughter’s life.

Some days Your Buttons will get pushed and it will not be perfect or pretty; but, understand and know this; Every day is a new day on the Dad Elevator.

Before the doors open, before we step in, let’s decide that we are Going Up!


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

Dr. Don Worcester


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