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A foundational feature in all great relationships is Grace.


There is a strength and beauty in a gracious welcome. Grace is always waiting on the porch, scanning the horizon for our approach.

Grace rushes out to meet us and welcome us in whatever state we arrive.

Grace smiles at us reminding us that we have lost our way, not our worth.

Grace is free and unstoppable.

It is not naive or unaware like some kind elderly caregiver.

Grace sees all and does not turn away, it does not flinch, and it does not retreat.

It approaches us and embraces us when we are not yet embraceable.

It gives us courage to return to ourselves and return to others.

When you are broke and broken you can still afford Grace.

When you afraid to ask and afraid to receive you can still be welcomed by Grace.

When you don’t know you need it and your are not sure you want it, Grace will still run to you with open arms and a warm smile.

Grace is simply Amazing!



After Grace welcomes us, Truth invites us in. We enter the truth because the Truth sets us Free.

It is the only thing that sets us free, and it sets us completely free.

Great relationships operate in truth and being nice is a poor substitute for being Truthful.

Avoiding the truth about ourselves, each other or the relationship will keep us circling and cycling in the shallow end of the pool.

The truth takes us forward, if you are going around and around with the same issues and the same outcomes

you might be doing some version of a bad dance, probably some kind of “Avoid-Dance.”

The Truth will take us into new territory and these new places are often beyond our comfort zone.

Are you willing to speak the truth with your daughter? Are you willing to hear the truth from your daughter?



Grace welcomes us, truth invites us in and love covers us head to foot as we sort it all out.

Grace gives us courage to hear and tell the truth. Love protects us once we have.

Love is the antidote for fear, and fear is always looking to shut us down and keep us apart.

When the truth brings pain and uncertainty, love delivers hope and peace.



Let’s build great relationships with our daughters. Jesus came brimming with Grace and Truth.

He was completely approachable, completely welcoming, and completely gracious.

How are you and I doing in this department?

Truth is intended to reveal and restore not to condemn and reject. Are we speaking True words to our daughters?

Are we praying and looking for health and growth in all areas of their lives?

Your daughter’s Love Language is Love. It is her native tongue.

She can do without lots of things, but not without this.

Find a way to look in her eyes and say the words that will give you both life.

I love You and that will never change!


Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester

Dr. Don Worcester


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