Help create a “new picture” for your daughter

kristyfox —  January 15, 2014 — Leave a comment

Take a minute to watch the video below. If it does not come up, click this link.

It is amazing and well worth the couple of minutes!!

This video has gone viral recently. I can see why. Every girl resonates with this video. Many of us ARE these girls. In fact, whether male or female, many of us have inadequate pictures of ourselves. In fact, I heard someone say just this past week as they were describing someone “I am pretty sure they don’t see themselves as other people see them”.   I also recently heard a mom say that her daughter “has such a distorted view of how others see her that it has destroyed her”.

Chances are your daughters do not see themselves how you or how others see them.  More than likely, you smile as you think of your daughter’s face, her smile, her laughter, her beauty, her unique personality.   You see the beauty in them that they sometimes miss or even deny exists.

Chances are your daughters and the women in your life need to be reminded of how you see them, how others see them, how the Lord sees them.

Here’s an idea:

Show the women in your life this video (either in person or in an email if you need to) and let them know some things that you see in them that they may miss in themselves.  What you say is huge!   Help the girls in your life create a “new picture” of themselves than the one that they may carry around.



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