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Coffee shops are my second office. In fact, I tend to have far more meetings in coffee shops than I ever do in my office. It usually works out pretty well, except for those times the tables are so close together that it feels as if it’s virtually impossible not to eavesdrop.

A while back I happened to be sitting next to two moms of teenage daughters. They began talking about the pressures that their daughters are facing. They talked about the pressure to be “enough”, to be good at everything, to do well in school, to be pretty, to be thin, and the list went on and on.

These moms then went on to talk about how hard it was even for them. They talked as adult women about the struggle because they too never feel like they are “enough” – those moms talked about how that doesn’t necessarily change with age. As much as they wished those pressures didn’t affect them, those same pressures affected them far more than they wanted them to and they couldn’t figure out how to see themselves differently.

I wanted to lean over at that moment and say something but they quickly changed the subject.

I agree – it is not age that changes that perception. This will only change when we begin to understand our real, true value and worth comes from our Creator – not from anything else that may define us.

Many of the women in your life may be in the same boat on this issue. As the “leading man” in the lives of the women in your life – daughters, their friends, nieces, mothers, friends and your wife – please know that they need you to continually point them back to their real value and worth. Nothing else matters! Help them see how God sees them by speaking truth into their lives. Point out something about their character, point out something that makes them unique, speak to them about the value they possess, and live like a man that believes that is true by not always recognizing and praising things society deems as important.


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