If Men Ruled the World

Dr. Don Worcester —  August 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

If you wake up one morning and discover that:


A new Federal law has been passed stating that no “Bed” pillow, “Throw” pillow, or “Decorative” pillow may cost more than 5 dollars.



Men may have taken over the World


If you further discover that all National Holidays must now include a Sports Related Theme and that all sports require Cheerleaders.


Men may have taken over the world


If the USDA Food Pyramid is now centered on Bacon and recommends large servings of Chicken Wings, Nacho’s, Little Smokey’s’ and Malt beverages.



Men may have taken over the world.


If regulations have been passed banning all Public conversations on relationships, personal Health Issues, or any other Emotional Topic that might cause Second Hand Distress to those who hear it.


Men may have taken over the world


 If the National Common Core Educational Curriculum includes classes on Duct Tape, Barbequing and Action Movies.


Men may have taken over the world    


If Public Dancing is no longer expected or required of men at Wedding Receptions, Bar Mitzvah’s or other social gatherings.



Men may have taken over the world


A Man World makes me think of my first hamster cage, fun in the beginning, boring after a few days and then kind of smelly. God came to a similar conclusion in Genesis 1:18.  Adam is ruling the world. He has a job; a relationship with God and probably a pretty cool tree house. Something good and necessary is still missing from this Creation Masterpiece. “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

Alone is not a good place to be when we parenting. We have to be willing to let the people who can help us, help us. Are you talking and listening to your spouse, your trusted friends, wise counselors and to Christ? Let some good words and good advice influence your attitude and actions this week.


Peace and Grace,

Dr. Don Worcester




Dr. Don Worcester


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