In Our House

Dr. Don Worcester —  January 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

How would your daughter finish this sentence; “In our house…”  I have listened over the years, in a variety of clinical settings, to young women and many girls finish that sentence.  What happens and does not happen in our home lays a foundation and creates a framework for understanding ourselves and our core relationships, for much of our adult life.


If you haven’t thought about what happens in your home, let me invite you to start thinking about what those in your family experience in their life together. What are the values, priorities and practices that flow through your home and your relationships on a day to day basis. The hardest things for us to keep track of, are the things we do most naturally. What does your family naturally do with conflict, with failure, with fear, with change, with loss, with celebration, with pressure, with forgiveness, with faith, with doubt ? Spoken or unspoken, there is a “dance” that each family does in response to life’s burdens and blessings. Don’t passively wait to see what happens. Actively declare to yourself and one another, what you are going to value, love and pursue in your home. These should not be easy and polite slogans but heartfelt convictions that you will work out and walk out together.



We do second chances

We do grace

We do real

We do mistakes

We do I’m sorry

We do loud really well

We do hugs

We do Family

We do love

We do thank you

We do laughter

We do respect

We do faith


If we can ask the question, then real dialogue begins and that can lead to new places in our home and how we each make a contribution to where we are going.  We ask…because we are secure about what Christ wants for our home ~Goodness.

The challenge is to begin. Let me help you get started

In Our House…..


Dr. Don W.

Dr. Don Worcester


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