Juxtaposition (Another One)

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— noun

“an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.”

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a “Juxtapostion” that I experienced between a woman who did not have a good father and a young girl I know who has a great Father. CLICK HERE if you want to re-read the blog post. This past weekend I experienced another dramatic example of a “Juxtaposition”. Two “side by side” experiences which demonstrated a stark contrast.

On thanksgiving evening, some longtime friends got the dreaded knock on their door by two police officers. Their grim task was to inform my friends that their 25 year old son was inexplicably found dead on his couch with no obvious signs of cause. Of course they are devastated.

Then, we all learned that the 40-year old actor, Paul Walker tragically and surprisingly died in a car accident just the other day. This happened about a mile from my home. I saw a post from his daughter expressing her extreme grief and loss.


Here is the Juxtaposition….

Yesterday was the first Sunday in “Advent.” In the Christian tradition, “Advent” is celebrated the four Sunday’s before Christmas and has to do with the pending arrival of the baby Jesus. It’s a celebration of sorts. You can “google” Advent and learn all about it.

Jesus came to do the revolutionary. He came to show love to the unlovely, give hope to the hopeless. He came to be a father to the fatherless, be the friend of sinners and bring life to the dead. He is the King of the universe and came to give people the correct version of who His Father in Heaven is. He wants to know you personally and He wants you to know him intimately. He wants to work supernaturally in your life for GOOD!

It’s no wonder why one of the legendary Christmas Carols sung over and over is entitled “Joy to the World.” If you go to church at Christmas, you will sing “Joy to the world.” You will hear it in shopping malls and elevators. It will be everywhere over the next month.

Yet… two families I know of will struggle to find any joy anytime soon. The family I know well who lost their 25 year old is devastated. They are a strong family of faith, so I am sure there is an underlying thread of hope. But there is deep sorrow for sure. And it will not go away any time soon. The Walker family, whom I don’t know at all, is certainly devastated at this moment as well.

Is there joy in their world? Is God good? Is it possible to have joy, yet still be devastated?

So what is the answer? This world is messy, complicated, scary and broken. How do we raise our Daughters to be strong, confident, whole and successful in such a place? Since most of the world is preaching pain, dysfunction and hurt, I suggest you look elsewhere.

I suggest that you open up the scriptures and take them for a spin.  Being that it is now officially Christmas season, start in the book of Luke from the Bible. Read Luke chapter 2 and then just keep reading. In those pages you will find counter cultural messages that you and your daughter need to hear. Also, she needs to see her Dad pursing a deeper faith. It will encourage her and give her stability. I have seen it and heard it over and over.

Merry Christmas, and may you find true JOY in this world!

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