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Dr. Don Worcester —  June 3, 2016 — 1 Comment




My oldest daughter just returned from France. She was part of a

Language Exchange program. She brought back the Eiffel Tower, on a


There are only two ways to make an Eiffel Tower Keychain

1) Find a very large Keychain

2) Make a very small Eiffel Tower.

My daughter went with option # 2.

It’s a cool Keychain and a sweet gift but at that size it should be called an

Eiffel Miniature not an Eiffel Tower.


Big things lose something when

you put them on a Keychain.

Love is a Big Thing, a really Big Thing.

It doesn’t really fit on a keychain.

It doesn’t belong there.

What kind of love are you carrying?


If the love in your life is not constraining you from false comforts

and harmful habits, it’s probably Keychain Love


If your love is not compelling you into places that are uncomfortable,

inconvenient and costly, it may be Keychain Love.


If you are not moving out of selfish behavior and into serving

behavior, it could be Keychain Love.


If you are avoiding hard truths to keep everyone happy, to keep the

peace, even a “false peace”, it might be Keychain Love


If you spend more time confronting than confessing


If you would rather win the argument than the relationship


If you think that Point of all discussions, is to make your Point


If you have built a reputation with your abilities

while hiding and denying your vulnerabilities


You might have drifted into Keychain Love.



I John 4:8 tells us that God is Love and you will not find Him at the

end of a Keychain.


Are we letting God grow our hearts bigger?


Are we praying for more love or are we shrinking our relationships to

Keychain Size?


Our daughters want and need more than a “souvenir relationship” with us.

Let’s break out the Big Love,

the Bold Love,

the Crazy Good Love.

The kind that will never fit

on the end of a Keychain!


Grace & Peace,

Dr. don Worcester


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Dr. Don Worcester


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  1. Great post Thanks for sharing a very powerful post.

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