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When I was in grade school the U.S. was in a big time Space Race with

Russia. The moon was the prize and when the Apollo Rockets launched

the whole country tuned in to watch the spectacle and glory of the

Count Down, Ignition and Lift Off.


There are hundreds of famous images from that era; Astronauts, Mission

Control, Space Capsules, News Anchors and the strong and beautiful

Apollo Rockets lifting off with power, grace and promise. There are

lots of stirring photos. There is one important thing rarely featured in the Apollo archives,

the Launch Pad.


When a Launch Pad does it’s job, it mostly goes unnoticed. This kind

of make sense given that Launch Pads are not designed to launch

themselves, they have a more important role.

A role that is central to the whole mission.


They stay grounded to help something else fly.


They absorb the fiery blast that comes with every new launch.


They are on site and along side for the whole preparation and count

down process.


They set the trajectory for the right path.

The direction at lift off

will determine much of the journey.


They get to hold something close that is truly beautiful and powerful.

Something filled with promise and purpose. Something designed to fly,

to travel further and faster and farther than our eyes can see. They

get the best view

and the last view of

a successful launch.



A Launch Pad has a good gig, so does any dad with a daughter. A Launch

Pad or a dad without scorch marks has probably not been in active

service. It is part of the gig. So let’s stay at it.

I don’t know any dads who do not sometimes feel a bit clumsy or stiff

in their efforts to connect, support, lead, love and launch their

girls. But I do know this, nothing launches without a Launch Pad!


The race to the moon was important, but if you are parenting a

daughter today, you are in a much bigger and better Race. Let’s show

up with the best stuff we have, the stakes couldn’t be higher.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester


Dr. Don Worcester


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