Let’s Live Like It’s True!

kristyfox —  February 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

It is not only the girls in our life that struggle with the need to be “enough”.   Don’t we all face the temptation to define ourselves and find our value in our success, our appearance, our job, our home, our possessions, our family, or our accomplishments?

If our own value and worth seems variable, how can we communicate to those around us that theirs is not.

I am currently reading a book called Adam, God’s Beloved by Henri Nouwen.   A terrific and amazingly profound book!   Henri wrote about his friendship with man named Adam.  Adam taught Henri a great deal about life, love, friendship, and God.  Due to his frequent seizures and the complications that followed, Adam could not speak, or even move without assistance.

Please read what Henri says about his friend Adam and understand that this is true of you as well.

“He (Adam) was a person, who by his very life announced the marvelous mystery of our God:  I am precious, beloved, whole, and born of God.  Adam bore silent witness to this mystery, which has nothing to do with whether or not he could speak, walk, or express himself, whether or not he made money, had a job, was fashionable, famous, married or single.  It had to do with his being.  He was and is a beloved child of God.  It is the same news that Jesus came to announce, and it is the news that all those who are poor keep proclaiming in and through their very weakness.  Life is a gift.  Each one of us is unique, known by name, and loved by the One who fashioned us.  Unfortunately, there is a very loud, consistent, and powerful message coming to us from our world that leads us to believe that we must prove our belovedness by how we look, by what we have, and by what we can accomplishWe become preoccupied with “making it” in this life, and we are very slow to grasp the liberating truth of our origins and our finality.  We need to hear the message announced and see the message embodied, over and over again.  Only then do we find the courage to claim it and to live from it.” (p 37)

As parents, we need to understand our value as beloved children of God and live from it!  When we can hold this to be true and live this out in our lives, the young people watching us can have the courage to believe that it is true for them too!

This is a daily battle for us, as well as our kids.   Engage with the Lord and soak in the amazing truth of your true value and worth so you can pass that along!


Kristy Fox




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