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Dr. Don Worcester —  March 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

Our words matter, the ones we speak and the ones we write. They capture our feelings, express our hopes, and solidify the promises that we are making to ourselves, to others and to God.

Megan is a friend who has done some courageous work to heal some deep wounds in her life.  She wrote a letter to God at a critical point in her healing process. Her words express both the struggle and the hope that many young girls are navigating in their own hearts and lives.

Dear God,man writing a contract

                        In the past 16 years, I have hated and abused myself

                        in various ways. I have often ignored our relationship

                        and blocked the love you have for me. I am really scared

                        about giving up my self-hatred, it has helped me feel

                         in control and I feel like it has kept me from being a

                         bother to others. I am afraid that I may become

                         selfish, greedy and annoying. I am also afraid that without

                         my self-hatred I will be overbearing and express my anger

                         too much. I want to be able to feel the love you have for me

                        and I want to feel confident about who I am even when

                        others are not. I am hereby surrendering, the statements,

                        feelings, beliefs, and assumptions that I have about myself

                        and I am accepting that I am pure, I am worthy, and I am loved.

                        With your help God, I’ll win my true future, a prize I am now

                        willing to fight for.





Have you cheered lately for your daughters “true future?” In big ways and small ways she is fighting for it every day.


Challenge For The Week:

Write a letter to your daughter. Write about the things you see in her; some strength, capacity, beauty, tenderness, intelligence, character, heart, faith…

Tell her things you are hoping for her future, things that you are believing for her and about her. Tell her that every night before you go to sleep, you thank God that you get to be her father.

Writing that letter will be good for your heart and great for hers.


Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester


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Dr. Don Worcester


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