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I love sharing the story of Amy Carmichael.  Long ago Amy was a missionary to India.  As a young girl Amy had wanted blue eyes but she had brown.  She prayed for blue eyes and her prayers went seemingly unanswered.  However, God used Amy’s brown eyes for a purpose.  Amy was able to blend in while covered with only her brown eyes showing and able to help young girls escape from forced prostitution. If Amy had blue eyes, that would not have worked. Amy was brave, compassionate, bold, and she had brown eyes. God has purposes for how he made us – inside and out.  Amy stepped into those purposes.

What an amazing thing it would be if we could love and embrace who we are, and also who we are not.  I will never be a beautiful singer, and I will never be tall, have curly hair, or many other things.  I do know however that I can step into what He has put before me and live in that.

As girls it is very evident to us what we are NOT.  We are reminded of it often.   Your girls are bombarded every day with these reminders.

However, we need to learn to see what we ARE.   Dads, you can help with this!  Let’s bombard them every day with reminders of who they are!

How different life could be if we looked for ways to use the way God has made us and to help others do the same.  I have asked girls the following question:  “If you really believed this (that they are unique and beautifully created for a purpose) and lived as if that is true – how would your life be different?”   It is unbelievable to hear their answers.   In their words – they would do more, love more, live more.  They would be kinder to others, more compassionate, and more themselves.  By shedding their own stuff, they could help others see their beauty.

Girls really do want to step beyond their paralysis and their insecurities.  They want to feel god about who they are and who they are not.   They want to embrace who God has made them.   But – it is hard!   Dads- you have a powerful voice in helping your girls see themselves, own their life, and move forward to help others do the same thing.

Help remind your daughters of who they are inside and out and the things that make them uniquely them!

Help your girls Live Like Amy!


Kristy Fox



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