Love Wins, Game Over

Alan Smyth —  July 25, 2019 — Leave a comment

Do you remember a few years ago when the Boston Marathon ended tragically with a bombing? Following was my post Boston Marathon blog post which featured the amazing actions of my good friend Brent Cunningham. Please read of his incredible actions.

The story out of Boston received a lot of pub when it happened. Brent’s actions were so moving that ABC got hold of it and interviewed him. In case you missed the 20/20 ABC interview, please watch it now before you read the rest of this blog. Fast forward on this video to 3:17 to begin Brent’s story.

Watch the ABC 20/20 interview of Brent Cunningham HERE, CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Brent’s interview ended with a phrase that captured me immediately. It grabbed my heart, mind and soul and judging from the enormous feedback from around the nation, it grabbed many others as well.

The interviewer ended with a statement suggesting that people may have thought that “evil won” that day in Boston. Brent closed his interview with his striking comment which I would like to talk about here.

Brent Cunningham said, “Love wins, Game over”

Brent C

I absolutely love that statement. Short, sweet, powerful, truth.

From time to time, I hear from Dads who feel like they have already blown it with their daughter. They feel like it is too late. Their marriage has already blown up and their kids have already been affected. Things are complicated and stressful. They feel defeated.

To those Dads who are struggling and distracted. To those who have lost their way and relationships have deteriorated.  I say LOVE WINS, GAME OVER.

To those who have daughters who have clearly chosen a painful path to go down. LOVE WINS, GAME OVER. If your daughter is lost…. Go get her! Bring her back!

game over

I certainly know that it could be a little more complicated than a nice tag line. Things may be incredibly complex for you. But the tag line underscores a powerful truth. You need to rest in the knowledge that Love overcomes all.

Regardless of how far things may have (or will in the future) disintegrate between you and your daughter, wife or son, I know that deep down they want to be right with you. They belong in right relationship to you and they want to forgive you.

Move forward with confidence that LOVE WINS, GAME OVER.

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