Me, A Hero?!

kristyfox —  July 10, 2013 — 2 Comments

What hero did you want to be when you were a child?  My 8 year old son dreams of being the Incredible Hulk, which coincidentally is my husband’s favorite as well!   What boy (or for that matter even grown man) doesn’t want superhero strength, power, and the ability to “save the day”?   Some people may disagree with me on this, and I’m not saying that girls don’t want to be heroes too (Wonder-woman is my personal favorite)… but I think that in every man is the desire to be a “hero” and in every girl is a desire to be loved by a “hero”.  We see it all over the movies, in books, and I think it resonates with the way God wired us and you can see it in the girls in your own life.

I said I wanted to let you in on what I’m hearing from girls (specifically teenage girls) – so here is another profound thing from the mouth of a teenage girl when asked about “what she needed most from her dad”?   She says to be worthy of the hero that he is in my head”.   You start out this way, as a hero in the mind of your daughter, and surprisingly – your daughters are incredibly forgiving of you in your pursuit of hero status.   They desperately want to see you as “their” personal hero and will typically give you a million chances to do so in their life.   If they don’t find it in you, they may go looking elsewhere – do you really want that?   You don’t even need to save the world, wear a costume, or have muscles rippling all over your body.  What’s one thing heroes are always great at???   Being present in the time of need!!   Be present.  Be available.  Be attentive.  Be concerned.  It is modeled for us all over Scripture.  Jesus was about all of those things – all of the time!  If we can model our lives after Jesus, we could begin to attain “superhero” status in the lives of those around us ….. Cool!

How do we do that?  Wisdom straight from the mouth of teenage girls who said…. I would love for my dad to “put down his phone when he talks to me” and “spend time with me –  just the two of us and be present”

Not feeling much like a hero right now in the life of your daughter or the girls you love in your life – try this one thing this week per the suggestions of teenage girls themselves:   

  • Do something just you and your daughter, without your phone!  Go get coffee before school and work, go to the park, go get ice-cream.  Anything!   Just be present and leave your phone at home!

How’d it go?? Any thoughts?

Kristy Fox


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2 responses to Me, A Hero?!

  1. Wow this is great we have a campaign called “I am a hero for dads too”

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