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Dr. Don Worcester —  November 28, 2014 — Leave a comment

It is Good to want good things.

Most people want to be physically healthy.

Most of us want to be financially stable.

Lots of people want to have a great marriage and a healthy family.

There is no real shortage of good things to want in life.

A Most Wanted List does not have to feature criminals.

So let me ask you a question, what is on your Most Wanted List?



If we are going to be honest with ourselves and we might as well be, wanting good things is pretty easy.

Wanting a good thing can help us feel slightly noble without requiring much of us. We can add to this effect by emphasizing to ourselves and others how much we “Really Want” this particular thing. It’s quite convincing if you practice it enough.

Wanting a good thing can also helps us feel as though we are making actual progress towards achieving it. I can sometimes defend my “sincere wanting” with statements like, “I told you this is really important to me, and I am working on it.” Working in this context often means I intend to do something about as soon as I have more time and energy.

It is good to want good things

but wanting a good thing to happen, does not make it happen.

What makes good things happen in the real world is not our wanting but our willing.


Unless our Most Wanted List

grows into our Most Willing List

It is just a Wish List.



A man with a Wish List may be sweet and well intentioned

but a man with a Willing List can fight and battle for the people and things he loves.


Let’s be dads who offer our daughters more than Wishful Words. Let’s find the grace and courage to live out our intentions and convictions in real acts of service and love. Let’s burn the most Wanted List; let’s start The Most Willing List today.



Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

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Dr. Don Worcester


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